Other Organisations

Other Organisations

Here is a list with other organisations within the life science and biotechnology area. All part of the SBE.DTU network.
We hope this is inspiration for students to get involved in the field.

IDA Bioteknologi (DBS - Dansk Bioteknologisk Selskab)

Sponsor of SBE.DTU. This organisation is both for scientists, engineers and biochemists, and aims to build bridges between universities, hospitals, research institutions and the biotechnology industry. They try also to influence the political agenda in biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and research in general.
Read more about DBS here and go here to like on Facebook and get updates.
As a member of IDA you can become member for free, just visit your own IDA page. (DA: Vejledning to become IDA Bioteknologi medlem)


Biologigaragen is a laboratory and open creative space where anyone with an interest in the natural sciences can meet, play and share their ideas, thoughts and inspiration.We  hope to foster a culture of citizen science with biological focus and to develop knowledge, tools and software that are  available for people to develop solutions based on their personal, local and specific needs. Our aim is to assist local associations, forward-thinking industrial partners and citizens in creating awesome biological projects We accomplish this by bringing people together for collaboration, lectures, self-help and mutual inspiration in a physical open laboratory and by online knowledge sharing.

They held open experiment nights - see their web page for more information.

Link: http://biologigaragen.org/

Synapse - Life Science Connect

Synapse is a student-led organisation (at KU)- formed to bridge the gap between the university bio-science community and private industries.

Link: Synapse on Facebook

DSE - De Studerendes Erhverskontakt

DSE each year organizes Denmark’s largest job- and career fair at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Campus Lyngby with over 130 engineer relevant companies. DSE also writes the handbook ‘Pejling’ for engineering students and graduates and it is about how to get your dream job. It gives an overview of which companies there are interested in your field of study, what focus they have, and what they can ofter you as a student. Pejling also helps with CV-writing and job applications.

Find date and more for the next event here.

GRØN DYST - Green challenge

GRØN DYST is an educational initiative at DTU focusing on sustainability, the environment and climate technology in all of DTU's educations.
GRØN DYST is in it's core a competition, where all students at DTU can submit a project they have worked on as part of their studies. The project can be either on a specific product or system, or an idea within research that may be at a very early stage of development. There are great prizes to be earned and GRØN DYST creates the frames for vision sharing with professionals working on the same problems. This is your chance to crystallize your ideas and visions. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to command the industry’s full attention, get professional feedback and develop a new network in your future field.

Link: http://www.groendyst.dtu.dk

SBE - Worldwide!

SBE.DTU is a ‘spin-off’ from the original SBE, that has headquarter in New York.The original SBE is a ‘spin off’ from AIChE - a global chemial networkning society.

Today student chapters exist all around the world today; in United States, Greece, India, Indonesia and Denmark.

SBE Chalmers  (Sweden)
Link: http://www.sbechalmers.se/

SBE UISC    (India)

Link: http://www.sbeuisc.org/

BA - Biotech Academy

Biotech Academy is an organization primarily focused on promoting the field of Biotechnology to primary and high school students. We develop internet-based educational projects on biotechnological topics of current interest.
Link: http://www.biotechacademy.dk/




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