Used for wesome information about SBE.DTU and the groups as e.g. meeting agendas.
Link to the internal wikisite:
Need access? Talk to the board.
Please let the board know if you are having trouble with login.

Competence seminars

Want to expand your CV with skills such as Facilitaiton, Idea creation or leadership?
Paricipate in an international seminar and boost the cultural portifolio the companies yell for.  


There is alot of internal facebook groups.. Ask your group to invite you.
The common active members page is found via. this link facebook, contact the board to be invited.


Get access to Outlook biomail system in internet terminal: Here

Internal mailing list:
A mail list for all active members of SBE.DTU (you need to use your dtu-mail).
Want to be on this list write to a member from the board or ask at a meeting. - the mail for all board members.
Want to be on the board - go to the general assembly in February.

Remote access to DTU computers

Go here and press '>>Medarbejder indgang' to the left.
(Or use this link:



LinkedIn Alumni

Keep in contact with your network - LinkedIn SBE.DTU Alumni
22 FEBRUARY 2018