Article I – Name

¶1. The name of this organization is: the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Student Chapter of Society for Biological Engineering.

¶2. The official acronym of the organization is SBE.DTU.

Article II – Objectives

The objectives of this chapter is to (1) promote the professional development of our members by programs and the relations with other SBE Student Chapters, the student chapters of other related engineering and scientific organizations, and with the parent body, the Society for Biological Engineering of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, (2) promote the integration of biology with engineering and realize its benefits through bioprocessing, biomedical and biomolecular applications at DTU, through activities involving the faculty and student members, including SBE participation with AIChE student chapters in its regional and annual conferences, and (3) promote the creation of networks between students and faculty both nationally and internationally as well as the creation of networks between students and industry both nationally and internationally.

Article III – Membership

¶1. Letter of application concerning membership can be given to the concerning officer at any given time, and will be replied within a fortnight.

¶2. The following can apply for membership of SBE.DTU: Students enrolled at a B.Sc. Or M.Sc. program at DTU Systems Biology; Students enrolled as a PhD at Systems Biology; Any student enrolled at a university who wants to fulfill the objectives of Article II.

¶3. Members can be excluded by an unanimous Board at any given time.

Article IV – General Assembly

¶1. Election for the following year of the Board and Substitute members shall take place within the first two weeks of the spring semester and shall not take place during weekends or holidays. The General Assembly must be announced 4 weeks in advance.    

¶2. There will be a transitional period of one month where the retiring Board members are obligated to support the newly elected Board to facilitate a smooth transition. In case of a vote among the Board members, the retiring Board members cannot vote.

¶3. Candidates for President, Board and Substitution members can nominate themselves. Nomination shall be by oral application on Election Day.

¶4. Choice between the candidates for the Board, Presidency and Substitute members shall be made by written ballot. The title will be given to candidate(s) receiving the most votes.

¶5. Only SBE.DTU chapter members can write ballots.

¶6. Any vacancies in the Board which should occur before the end of the school year shall be filled by a substitute member. If no substitute members were elected or are otherwise unavailable, any vacant office in the Board will be filled by means of a by-election following the same procedure as those of the General Assembly.

¶7. The Treasurer shall present the annual budget of SBE.DTU which must be approved by the General Assembly.

Article V – Board and Program Committee

¶1. SBE.DTU will be led by a Board of 5 members and shall form the strategy and vision for SBE.DTU in accordance to Article II.

¶2. A President, 4 Board members and 2 Substitute members shall be elected at the General Assembly.

¶3. A Vice-President and a Treasurer shall be elected by the Board no later than one month following the General Assembly. Candidates for these must all be elected Board Members.

¶4. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the chapter and shall preside at all Board meetings. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and assessments promptly. He/she shall keep adequate financial records and permit their inspection by any other officer of the chapter or by the Advisor upon request. Upon request of the President he/she shall present an oral financial report at any meeting of the chapter. He/She shall present a complete and final written report at the General Assembly of each school year, and at that time he/she shall deliver to his/her successor all chapter records and funds in his/her possession.

¶5. If there is unanimity in the Board the Vice-President can be promoted to President, with equal status and replacing the existing. A new Vice-President will be elected. This can be done at any regular Board Meeting.

¶6. A Program Committee is responsible for planning and arranging the various activities of the SBE.DTU student chapter. The Program Committee must follow the strategy of SBE.DTU outlined by the Board and it must be in accordance with Article II. The Board is expected to support the Program Committee when and if they may require assistance.

¶7. The Program Committee will consist of SBE.DTU members. Any member can join at any time with the majority of the Board backing him or her. If the behavior of a member of the Program Committee prevents fulfillment of the objectives stated in Article II or is otherwise harmful to SBE.DTU or DTU, the Board can vote for exclusion of that person. A majority within the Board is required for exclusion.

¶8. The Board shall serve for one year, however individual members are not limited to one year and can rerun for Board positions the following year.

¶9. For any payment by SBE.DTU below DKK 4000 the President or Treasurer must approve of the expense. For any payment from and above DKK 4000 the Board must approve. 

¶10. The Board shall keep a record of all Board meetings and meetings with the Program Committee. They shall preserve all papers relating to the affairs of the chapter and deliver the same promptly to their elected successors.

Article VI - Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at any meeting by any member of the chapter, and can be approved immediately by two-thirds vote of the attending members. If 50 % are blank ballot papers, the amendment shall be reconsidered at a later extraordinary meeting, where it can be approved by two-thirds vote of the members attending.

Article VII - Custody of the Constitution and Bylaws

¶1. One copy of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be in the possession of the President of the Chapter.

¶2. One copy of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be in the possession of the Advisors of the Chapter.

¶3. One copy of the Constitution and Bylaws shall be in possession of the Society for Biological Engineers of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for the permanent files of the Institute.

¶4. Each of the aforementioned officers shall promptly deliver his/her copy to his/her successor.

Article VIII – Language

This organization aims to be international. Therefore the business language of SBE.DTU will be English.



Article I – Procedure

The conduct of each meeting shall conform to the generally recognized Rules of Order procedure, the following hereby being adopted:

Article II – Dues

¶1. Student members are not required to pay any dues to SBE Headquarters. Professional members of the chapter will have to pay dues to SBE Headquarters. 

Article III – Language

¶1. If a single non-Danish speaking person is attending any given meeting, it shall be held in English.

¶2. If no non-Danish speaking students are present, the meeting may be held in Danish. The record of the meeting shall still be in English, as shall all official papers of SBE.DTU.

Article IV – Proxy

At any meeting, votes can be given by proxies, if these are delivered to the concerning officer before the meeting.

Article V – Assessments

Assessments for any specific purpose may be levied by a two-thirds vote of the members, attending any regular meeting of the chapter.

Article VI - Amendments to the Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws shall be proposed and adopted by the procedure specified in Article VI of the Constitution.

Article VII – Regular meetings

¶1. There shall be at least one regular meeting every semester.

¶2. Notice shall be given at least a fortnight in advance.

Article VIII – Extraordinary meetings

¶1. Extraordinary meetings can be held at any time, if a one-week notice is given.

¶2. Only the President can give notice of an extraordinary meeting.
22 JUNE 2018