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Society for Biological Engineering at Technical University of Denmark (SBE.DTU) is a student organization by students for students. 

SBE.DTU’s primary objective is to integrate biology, engineering and innovation, while creating national and international networks between students, universities and the Industry. We aim to inspire students to get more involved in their studies, to aim even higher and to consider their future. 

SBE.DTU arranges numerous events with the objectives in mind. You can read about these events on this website.



SBE.DTU is inspired by the technological community SBE from the global chemical networking society AIChE

SBE.DTU became a reality in early 2006, after a meeting between Professor Jens Nielsen (Director of Centre for Microbial Biotechnology at the time), Ph.D. student José Manuel Otero (Centre for Microbial Biotechnology) and a small group of Bachelor and Master Students.

After vigorous advertising and an information campaign about the objectives, ideas and future events SBE.DTU got support from a broad range of students within life science. As a result of the support a statutory meeting was held on the 22nd of March 2006 and the constitution of SBE.DTU [link?] was approved. The existence of the SBE chapter in Denmark was a reality. 

SBE.DTU have since then been a growing student organization with support from a broad range of students and employees at Department of Systems Biology. New ideas and events are constantly being developed, while the objective of the organization remains unaltered.

The structure 

SBE.DTU is led by a board consisting of five people (with two suppliants). The board is in charge of running the organization. They make sure that SBE.DTU activities are planned while managing the economics and promoting the work of SBE.DTU and its hardworking active members.

It is the board and the general members of SBE.DTU, who determine the success of the organization. The general members’ participation is what ultimately makes SBE.DTU what it is. Active SBE members in a subgroup for an event (e.g. “Company Visit group”, “Reach and Discover group” and “Lecture Session group”) do the actual planning and execution of the events, with a board representative as a leader. The active members choose which group(s) they want to be a part of and how much they want to be involved. Everything is on a voluntary basis and is very rewarding. Active members can look forward to a broadening of their network and skillset, many interesting experiences and last, but not least, a lot of fun.

If you want to integrate biology, engineering and innovation, as well as build networks with your fellow students and/or within the biotech industry, then SBE.DTU is ready to welcome you as a member.