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              • Get lots of friends from other semesters
              • Challenge your organisation skills

              • Make company contacts

              • Increase your professional network

              • Improve your CV

              • Get influence on the events what we create  

If you want to become a part of SBE.DTU just send us an email, with your full name and student number, or show up at the next SBE.DTU meeting or event. Membership is free. You can find upcoming meetings and events in the calendar.

Being a part of SBE.DTU you get invited to the annual Christmas party, and to the annual general assembly, where the new SBE-board is elected, where members can run for the 7 positions.

Everybody are more than welcome, but to keep a membership of SBE.DTU you will need to do at least one of the following:
- Help at 1 event within the semester
- Be a part of the planning of 1 event within 1 year (2 semesters)



The amount of time people use on SBE work varies a lot from person to person. You choose if you want to be a part of one or more groups, and the amount of work you put into each group is also up to you. Usually all SBE activities is put on hold during the exams - we are all students! Read more about the groups.

Generally the members of the board uses more time - see who's on the board.

Not time now? Then just attend our events and get inspired.
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